Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Sharing Triumphs/Tribulations

Harvey mentioned that he'd like us to record both our successes and our challenges in our journal, and also asked that we contact him or one of the instructional team members to ask for help should we need it. I'd like to take that notion a step further and I'd like your feedback on it.

The true power of having a cohort model as we do (in my humble opinion) is that we are all going through this journey together as a group. As we become more at ease with each other, we will feel more open to sharing both our successes and our challenges with each other, and we have the opportunity to learn a great deal from each other. Given that, I'd like us to earmark a time (daily, every other day, weekly, whatever) where we can do a group share of these successes/challenges rather than just to Harvey. 21 heads are better than 1, and if one of you have found something or done something that might help me, I'd love to know about it. If I have a problem or I'm looking for something, I'd like to be able to not only rely on Harvey, Raj, Dr. Buck, and others, but also all of my classmates. Sure, I might learn something over coffee some morning by chatting with a couple of you, but I'd rather see something structured so I can hear from anyone who might have some input. Ralph, Ray, and I chatted informally for 5 minutes at our table this morning and within that 5 minutes we each shared something with each other that we all found very useful. It would have been great to expand that outward to the whole group.

I give people like Harvey, Raj, and others all the respect in the world for the knowledge, skills, and experiences they have. I'd just like us to take advantage of this face-to-face summer cohort model to build the open sharing culture that will be invaluable when we all part ways this fall for our online courses. It could be an important step toward building leadership capacity amongst this group.



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I'm glad you think so highly of us Dan. We were once in the same place you are in (and still are with regards to many of the tools that are out there). But hopefully you will get enough of a base here to carry forward - use the mindtools model.

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