Thursday, July 28, 2005

Check this out!

Not much to say about this... just that I could watch it all day - MSNBC Interactive shuttle launch.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Good Afternoon Everyone

Here's the link to Kim's powerpoint on video conferencing...

The URL is:




Hi there everyone, the Sun wants to interview me as to the technologies that kids are using in schools these days - are they all on PDAs, laptops?? (yeah right) - do they ever unplug the MP3 players? What is the upside to all this kit? Downside? Is there a growing gap between the kids who have the technology and those who don't?

I'm thinking that most kids are pen and paper based - with a few PDAs (laptops are expensive and heavy to haul) - and work on computers after class as opposed to during - outside of class my guess is that the cell phone and "uber PDA" is the king. Thoughts?

The interview is at 10am tomorrow (Thursday) so if you have anything, please get back to me by then.

Monday, July 25, 2005

George's July 24th Power Point Presentation

Hi Everyone

I have posted George's July 24th Power Point presentation at:

You should be able to download it without difficulty. If you should have any problems, please let me know. Contact me at:



George's Presentations from Wednesday July 20 and July 22

Hi Everyone

I posted George's July 20 and July 22 Power Point presentation at:


You should be able to download it without difficulty. If you should have any problems, please let me know. Contact me at:



Saturday, July 23, 2005

Evaluating Websites

A many of you are going to be doing lots of work with websites - you may want to take a look at this.

list serve password

Hi All
I was trying to get on the listserv that was sent to us about the books. Did anyone give an indication of a password. I tried to sign up and was sent an email that someone was trying to break into our listserv. Any ideas?

Friday, July 22, 2005

Research Methods Amazon

Hi Gang:

I found the research book for 81 including shipping

Go to the right and click on link for lowest price... Goes to an external vendor other than amazon.


Thursday, July 21, 2005

Lego Tray pictures

Here are the 2 pictures of the lego trays so you can sort them properly. They are uite high resolution (large files) so Mike can blow them up later if he wants.


APA Style References

I have used a few of these APA references when writing papers. You may find them useful as well :)

Documenting Sources - APA Style (Prince George's Community College)

APA Style Electronic Formats (American Psychological Association)

Crib sheet to the APA Style (University of Minnesota, Crookston)

APA Style Guide (University of Southern Mississippi Libraries)

APA Citation Style Guide (pdf format) (Bucknell University)

Formatting Your Paper Using APA

Sample Paper - APA Style (Prince George's Community College)

Psychology with Style - A Hypertext Writing Guide (University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point)


Tablet PC Blog

Hey all - you might be interested in this Tablet PC Blog.

Firefox Update

There is a new version of FF out 1.06.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

USB Headsets

Because you are going to use these for a while, it is worth getting a good set. Logitech makes a nice set and this one is fairly reasonable.

A Special Day for Harvey

I'm sure Dr. Buck could come up with a great metaphor comparing Harvey's marriage to the evolution of technology, but I just wanted to wish Harvey and Mrs. Duff a very happy 37th wedding anniversary today!

All the best from the MES 2005 group!

Sony Paper Disc
The biginning of the main content.

Press Release

The following information is true and accurate at the time of publication.
April 15, 2004

TOPPAN and Sony Successfully Develop 25GB Paper Disc
Blu-ray Disc technology-based paper disc to be unveiled at ODS 2004

Sony Corporation

Tokyo, April, 15th , 2004, TOPPAN PRINTING CO., LTD and Sony Corporation today announce the successful development of a 25GB paper disc based on Blu-ray Disc technology. Details will be announced at the Optical Data Storage 2004 conference to be held from April 18th to April 21st at Monterey, California.

photo - front of the paper discphoto - backside of the paper disc

Using the disc-structure of Blu-ray Disc technology, the new paper disc has a total weight that is 51% paper. The two companies jointly began this optical disc project approximately a year ago. Blu-ray Disc is commonly known for allowing more than 2 hours of high-definition program recording.

Hideaki Kawai, Managing Director, Head of Corporate R&D Division, TOPPAN CO., LTD commented: "Using printing technology on paper allows a high level of artistic label printing on the optical disc. Since a paper disc can be cut by scissors easily, it is simple to preserve data security when disposing of the disc".

Masanobu Yamamoto, Senior General Manager of Optical System Development Gp., Optical Disc Development Div., Sony Corporation said: "Since the Blu-ray Disc does not require laser light to travel through the substrate, we were able to develop this paper disc. By increasing the capacity of the disc we can decrease the amount of raw material used per unit of information."

The worldwide production of optical discs is approximately 20 billion per year and optical discs are being adopted widely. The combination of paper material and printing technology is also expected to lead to a reduction in cost per disc and will expand usage.

TOPPAN and Sony will continue development of the disc for practical use.

The end of the main content.