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Hi there everyone, the Sun wants to interview me as to the technologies that kids are using in schools these days - are they all on PDAs, laptops?? (yeah right) - do they ever unplug the MP3 players? What is the upside to all this kit? Downside? Is there a growing gap between the kids who have the technology and those who don't?

I'm thinking that most kids are pen and paper based - with a few PDAs (laptops are expensive and heavy to haul) - and work on computers after class as opposed to during - outside of class my guess is that the cell phone and "uber PDA" is the king. Thoughts?

The interview is at 10am tomorrow (Thursday) so if you have anything, please get back to me by then.


Blogger JillM said...

To comment on students in the north (well, Manning anyway),they don't use PDA's or laptops at school. In fact, our computer technician has asked that the students do not bring their laptops because of security reasons when they wanted to connect to our school's network. MP3 players are becoming more common (I'd say ~10% use them at school) and they are typically used when they are working on their assignments. This keeps them on task and reduces their distraction time. Some kids also ask to listen to their MP3's for quizzes and exams (as background noise to block out sounds in the classroom).

Cell phones are becoming more common, but we have asked that the students do not have them on in the school.

Computer use occurs mainly at lunch or during spares for students. There are some without computers at home or they will choose to stay at school to work on projects or assignments if they have any extracurricular activities later in the afternoon or evening. (Rather than drive home and then turn around and come back for their activity).

Right now I don't see a gap between those with and without technology in my school.

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Blogger Mr.Breakfast said...

Hi Raj

In Edmonton, at the Elementary level students don't (thankfully) use PDAs or cell phones. They are however getting much better at creating PowerPoints and discovering their artistic ability in Microsoft Paint.

Most of my students have excellent hand-eye coordination!

7:19 AM  

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