Monday, July 18, 2005

Elluminate Session

Just a quick did people with headsets find it?

Next time around I think they should either require people ot have headsets with mikes, or make sure people are alone (or in pairs at the most)......the echo was killing us in CAB


Blogger Martin said...

I agree Bill. I think the largest issue was our proximity to others. Headphones do tend to make your conversation more personal as well.

8:42 PM  
Blogger Harv said...

Hi Everyone

I think Bill is on the money. I will ask Mike to add a little extra money to the account and make sure we have mike/headsets for the next war walk.

For next year we'll also be a lot more specific as to where to go and how close everyone should be to one another.

It was fun though... Kind of like my first experience with walkie talkies...





6:37 AM  
Blogger Mr.Breakfast said...

I'm with you Bill. SUB was the same way enough echo and feedback for everyone.

It was kind of like Walkie Talkies!:)

7:51 AM  
Blogger idarknight said...

So far we have found that the USB headsets are the most reliable in terms of quality, but there are a number of logitech mics and headsets that have amazing quality (better than the USB - which are fairly consistent out of the box as opposed to the jack based sets that vary wildly).

2:42 PM  

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